The Sandals Made in Indonesia Written Lafadz Allah on Its Tread.

Muslims are always fidgety with a bad treatment from a layman or even the haters. It had been circulating on the Internet a rubber slipper products with brand names Glacio, the sole of the sandals written with lafadz Allah in arabic letter which is Kufi Murabba style’.

These sandals are manufactured in Gresik by PT. Pradipta Perkasa Makmur addresed in  Jl.Raya Wringin Anom km.33 Krian Phone 3823747. fax 031.8973661. This sandal were reportedly had been circulating in the area of Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Malang. Numbered with type G-2079 its available in a variety of colors.

Based on the information that we have quoted from Lensa Indonesia, A production of Gacio which is similar with pronunciation of Allah’s names is have been already done by PT Pradipta Perkasa Makmur since last year. “The details are, in September 2014 there were 12,000 pairs, in December 2014 there were 6,000 pairs, 7420 pairs distributed in March 2015, April 2015 produced 12,000 pairs, while in July 12,000 pairs, 16,500 pairs in August, in September 10,150 and October 6000  pairs,”

This case makes the people of East Java was shocked and saddened. The sandals circulation also received firm responses from scholars NU KH Lutfi Bashori. Almurtadla Ribath Al-islami boarding school,Lawang has sent  letter to East Java Police about the circulation patterned sandals. He requested that the production and sales process is stopped.

Netizens and Facebook users in particular criticized the negligence of the company so that it can make  products that harm Muslims.

PT Pradipta Perkasa Makmur state that they were careless and argued that the printer engine design sandals are imported directly from China. “From the information, they will revoke all the products that are already marketed. But because it has been a year, it may be difficult because its already scattered in the community, “he concluded.

It has also been researched by Ust. Azizi Mohammed Isa from FoKS and he concluded that the entire tread sandal style motif is a piece of Kufic murabba’ khat calligraphy . And after observed, it’s believed as the piece of surah Al-Ikhlas which designed with Kufic Murabba’ khat read from the bottom to right, rotated the clockwise.


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